Yoke, throttle, and rudder deals

Hi, so I was looking at getting a yoke, throttle, and rudder qadrent for my birthday. I have it currently at $270 US dollars for all the Logitech. My question is if there is another yoke, rudder, or throttle system I can buy that’s cheaper than the Logitech. Thx.

PS: I think this is the right catagory

You can try to go for something like this ($179 + $3.99 S&H)

I currently have Logitech and I had what is shown above. I highly highly recommend the Logitech. The pedals feel so much better, and the yoke feels smother and cleaner (if you know what I’m talking about). Plus, you get a throttle quadrant! It’s fun for the smaller planes because you have the mixture and stuff.