Yoke Support?

Does Infinite Flight support yokes?Redirect Notice like that or is it only joysticks?


In short… yes.

So long as your device does.

Wait… no.

Joysticks but not that type. They’re for PCsand laptops

Yes If does support yokes but not joysticks like you mentioned above

I know that there are a few joysticks that work with IF, though I am not sure about yokes. I’m sure there is something out there though. I know that people that have tried the yokes that work with IF have said that it doesn’t work the best, especially compared to some joysticks. There are good yokes out there, they just don’t support Infinite Flight.

Infinite Flight does support both yokes and joysticks as far as I know.

Hope this helps!

It also supports throttles, I use the TCWS

Yes! Forgot about that!

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I know joysticks work as many people use them and they are quite nice to use in Infinite Flight not too sure about yokes. Game controllers also work…

I’ve got one and have tried using it with infinite flight but it doesn’t work

i am using the logitech g yoke.

works perferctly in IF, but be sure to have the delay set to 0ms in IF connect!


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