Yoke not working

All of a sudden my in game yoke isn’t working or moving. I have tried everything (restarting my phone, uninstalling multiple time etc) Is there any fix on this issue please.

Hi Eddie!

Sorry to hear.
First of all, what kind of device do you have?
It would also be good to know if auto-rotate works? Like if you have a picture open and rotate the device, does the picture rotate as well (landscape/portrait mode)?

Hello Schyllberg,
I have a Samsung S7 and I don’t have auto rotate on.
update, I just switched it on. The yoke now works!! thanks
I deleted all of my flight hours and log books when I uninstalled the game. Is there any way I can get it back please.

Interesting that they turn off the entire thing when disabling auto-rotate… oh well :)
If it’s your Solo logbook, I’m afraid not. That’s locally stored and a reinstall wipes that. We don’t store that in the cloud.

All good then, Thank you for the support. I am loving the game so much. Also for future are you guys possibly looking into offline mode for solo flights or possibly a pc game. That would be awesome!!