Yoke not working even when recalibrating

Hello. While I was taking off, the yoke wasn’t moving even though I was moving my phone in every direction. I had to use auto pilot to change my vertical speed and heading during the whole flight. Also, I had to land using APPR. The rudders were still functional while I was taxiing and I didn’t notice that the yoke wasn’t working until I was taking off. I was on the expert server and was using ATC so I was unable to leave. I can give you the replay file if needed and i’m on a iPhone 11 running on iOS 16.2. Thank you!

did you restart your device? or perhaps, dis-engage a/p?

Recommend following the above recommendation. In some rare instances, your device’s accelerometer will get stuck. Restarting your phone should resolve this.

This might sound like a dumb question but did you check if your AP (Autopilot) was enabled when you tried it?

i didn’t have autopilot on and i tried engaging and disengaging it but it still had the same problem

What worked for me was to restore my defaults and restart my device

Try deleting and reinstalling Infinite Flight. Hope this is helps. :)

That’s probably a bit extreme for this situation. Restarting the device or restoring defaults works 99% of the time

True, you could be right.

Welcome to the community @Hallo !

It’s probably worth prioritizing suggestions made by others above (from least invasive to most). Anyone disagree with this?:

1)check autopilot is off
2)restart the session
3)restore defaults
4)restart device
5)last resort: re-install IF (will lose replays and in app settings)


restart device after restore defaults?

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Good point! I edited it for what you said.

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This should always be a last resort. Many issues with devices and the IF application can be quickly resolved by simply restarting the device and/or restarting Infinite Flight. Suggesting deleting Infinite Flight comes with ramifications that some users don’t realize such as losing replays and in app settings.

Always recommend an app and device restart, first and foremost. :)

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note the prioritization, 4 comments above (I added your consequences comment to the last step)

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