Yoke Not work ALL TİME

Hello i have tried to restart the infinite flight while the helm did not work now i tried to erase the game and try to load it again but it does not work but it works in my brother’s tablet help:

sorry bad english


Have you tried Calibrating your Yoke?

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Attached is the support link and contact info if you are utilizing a joystick or third party device other than the IF app on your tablet. If you are experiencing issues with the in game yoke please specify.

Please remember to give information on what device you’re using, and if you’re running the latest the version of Infinite Flight

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I’m not sure if he is talking about a Joystick… Correct me if I’m wrong (@Umut_Erten) He’s talking about the Virtual Yoke in the Simulator


OP could be talking about the in game yoke that won’t turn the aircraft.

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Including this information may be helpful for us to assist you -

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Yes many times i tried…

Hello @Umut_Erten , in order for us to fully understand the problem and help you we need to know:
*What type of device you have (example Apple iPad Air 2 or Samsung Galaxy S7)
What type of operating system it has (example iOS10 or Android 5.0)

Sorry i speak turkish :D
Yes root exists

Let’s give the OP a chance to respond before he/she is overwhelmed.


Grand neo plus i9060i
Kitkat 4.4.4


Thanks. I’m not really sure about those kinds of devices, I’d recommend asking a member of staff, such as @Tyler_Shelton for the best possible solution to your problem. Good luck!

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Unfortunately we cannot offer support on a modified device, as many times this is the cause of the issue. Retore your device to its stock condition for further help. Thanks!