Yoke not moving, please help.

When I move my device left and right the yolk won’t move. Can you please give me some help how to fix it? Thanks.


Have you tried recalibrating your device? Also, are you talking about a real Yoke or the Virtual one?

Also, you can try “Restore Defaults” in Settings.

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A restart may also be required. Mine has done this before and that usually fixes it


Try going to infinite Flights’s settings>controls and then see if any movement shows up. If it doesn’t then tap the axis and move your device that way.

Please Note:

  • Make sure your device is calibrated in a comfortable position
  • Make sure your AP is disabled
    -Re-download the app or restart if it’s not the 2

(That’s all I can say, this doesn’t occur often)

This has happened to me. Restart your device.
It’s not an Infinite Flight issue, it’s a device issue that the gyroscope doesn’t work.

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Virtual yoke I’m tilting my iPad but doesn’t work

Is your autopilot on? Make sure it’s turned off because your finger may have hit the heading button or something.

Have you restarted or reinstalled the app or recalibrated your device?

Ok I reinstalled it and it’s working, thanks for all the help!😀