Yoke not moving (Iphone)

Is anyone else having issues with the yoke not working on the Iphone? I am suddenly having this issue. How can one resolve this issue, I tried clearing cache, scenery, deleting replays and re starting the app multiple times, should i just re install the app?

Try restarting your device, that usually fixes it


Maybe this will help


I used to have this problem on my previous phone (1st Gen iPhone SE). On some of my last flights on that device, I had the same issue when disengaging the autopilot.

The main reason for that was that the battery health was at 85% already, and the device needed a battery change to solve this problem.

I’d recommend checking your battery health before you do anything to your phone. Go to Settings->Battery->Battery health.

…You’re telling him to replace his battery because his yoke doesn’t work in IF?

That makes no sense, the battery capacity of my phone is at 83% after nearly 2 years (which is quite reasonable) and a simple device restart fixes this issue

Some phones had that problem and were fixed with a battery replacement. What I’m trying to say is that if the yoke is frozen, and even if after a restar doesn’t work, it a gyro problem.

It can be double checked too by accesing the compass app to see if it’s the gyro additionally.

And again, it’s a posibility…

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