yoke movement

so in infinite flight when you turn your phone sideways to turn the yoke in the cockpit barely moves it would be cool to turn up the sensitivity.

You can already turn up the sensitivity by going to the settings menu (under “General” section). The standard option is “Normal” but you can turn it up to “High” if you wish.

Also, if this is a feature request move it over to #features :)

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no not the sensitivity im talking the 3d modeled yoke in the cockpit barely moves i would like it to have more movement

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I’m pretty sure that the limit visible on the 3D Yoke is the limit of turn of the yoke on an actual aircraft.

Can you provide some screenshots from IF and real-life so we can compare the yoke movement?


Screenshot_20180624-114352 Screenshot_20180624-114352


I can’t see much difference between the pictures - it looks quite accurate?

Also are you turning the yoke completely to the left side? (aka is your phone at a 90 degree angle to the surface?)

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its not just the angle its how fast the yoke ingame moves its so slow

I just tested it out on the app, but surely it mimics real-life? You can move your phone much quicker than you can move the yoke in real life, therefore by slowing the movement of the yoke in IF, it helps to mimic real-life yoke movement.

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