Yoke malfunction

Samsung A21s
Operating system:

Yolk does not move when i tilt device. So its hard to fly the plane. In order for me to play i have to use a controller which i don’t want to. Please help.

Hey there!

Sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing. Have you tried restarting your device, after which launching Infinite Flight and moving your device around? It’s possible that the accelerometer of your device gets stuck from time to time.

Hello. Thanks for replying! I have the same problem even tho i restart the device. I deleted and reinstalled the game and i still have the same problem. It happened vecause i accidentally deleted and reset controls.

Make sure your device’s accelerometer works, try playing other flight sims such as xplane-10 mobile to see if it works in there.

Understood, thank you for clarifying. If you accidentally unassigned the axes for roll and pitch, that’s an easy fix - simply tap on Unassigned next to Roll, then tap Reset - that should bring the appropriate axis for roll back. Do the same for Pitch after that.

It does work thanks.

Ok let me try that and update you.

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Nope still doesn’t work.

Is the accelerometer and the throttle the same thing?

The accelerometer and throttle are not the same thing: the accelerometer is a sensor in your device which responds to movement/acceleration of your device; the throttle is (in IF’s case) an on-screen control.

That said, could you please screenshot your Controls tab and send it here, so we can help you resolve the issue easier?

So if it does work in other games it means there’s something weird going on with your IF.

try going into settings, then controls and press reset defaults. that works for me after using a controller.

I guess you have problem in your settings. In the sensitivity. That’s why, I guess the problem is happening.

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