Yoke In IF?

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to do Infinite flight with a yoke. If so, can anyone suggest a yoke that they like to use? Thanks (:

Like this?


This link is helpful too :)

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I use Cessna yoke by Saitek. It works well.

I was playing IF with a joystick and a throttle stick (which I bought for P3D), they work well. Then I use the OTG USB wire to connect the mouse and keyboard to my phone. Last I put the screen on my laptop so I can get a better view. All those works out amazing.

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I think I used a yoke once, but I prefer a joystick, the tones are to hard to use for me and I can’t turn unless using rudder, but o believe it possible.

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Hi again! im sorry for being stupid and not including this in my post earlier about the yoke, but is it also possible to use a throttle and maybe even a rudder in Infinite Flight? let me know. Thx (:

I tried Thrust master T16000m+TWCS with liveflight connect on pc. The T16000m was successfully identified but not the TWCS(throttle).

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you r the man >_^

I find it super difficult since adjusting trim is a living nightmare in infinite flight.

Thanks everyone for the help! You guys helped a lot.

I use a PS4 controller with Infinite Flight… Not exactly sure if that’s the same 🤷


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