Yoke gets reversed after flipping device 360˚

When your device is calibrated on IF, you can correctly turn left or right. But one time, I put my phone down, and when I picked it up, I may have picked it up the other way (thus a 360˚). After that, when you turn left, the yoke goes right. And when you turn right, the yoke goes left. I would believe this happens on all devices. Solution is to calibrate it, but this happened to me on one of my very first flights on IF.

iPhone 5s and iPad Mini
Latest iOS and IF update (since this still happens)

I was not able to reproduce, I made the following steps:

  1. Loaded into game while holding iPad 45 degrees and looking at it.
  2. Put iPad on table and rotated 360 degrees.
  3. Picked up the iPad

iPad Air 2, version 15.12.028592

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try flipping it towards yourself then

I tried that as well, and flipping it towards the side. Still not having the issue that you are referring to.

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You must have Your divice vertical

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I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on an iPad Pro.