“Yoke” For iPad

I read thru What's your normal IF setup?, but didn’t see any examples in that thread. I spotted this product today and may try it out.

Does anyone have a similar mounting solution for iPad that allows full yoke actuation?



Yeah my hands and wrists.

In all fairness, with that mount can it move freely? They tend to be quite stiff to move so I don’t think you will be able to use it as you may think.


I think it may be easier just to hold the device in your hands! I know it adds a level of ‘realism’ and it seems cool, but these stands do tend to be quite stiff, so accurate movements may not be possible. A joystick is your best bet, with LiveFlight Connect!

Happy flying!


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Good question. Here’s the eBay link. If no one can attest to a proven solution I’ll likely get it and report here.
For the money I’d say it’s worth a try.

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Yeah from the looks of things it will be stiff, this is what keeps it in the set position, you may find it hard to fly this way but if you want to try it then that’s totally fine, just be aware that it’s likely the case it won’t work as you like.

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That mount is to place the viewing angle in 360 degrees…you can’t use it as yoke!! What next we will be rotating dell monitor becos it let you move 360 degrees! :D. You definitely need free hand, in normal pitch motion even you only do push and pull effect you still move your iPads relative to your eyesights. But with this you will completely change the view of the objects front of you.


I’d say don’t get it. It is more than likely stiff as others have said because that’s how it has to be to stay in one position without flopping around.

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As its main use is to be used as a stand and by moving it about again and again, it will become loose over time.

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I’m not artist don’t laugh, quick scribble to give an example. “ A” free hand, you try to keep view of the full screen by moving your hands around slightly. “B” unless you move Your head around slightly the screen will give diff prepective.


Okay, it arrived today and I’ve completed one flight thus far. I gotta tell ya this is working really well! The friction is firm but not stiff and the ability to position it and hold attitude is really cool 😎
@GatwickGuy, it turns out the change in screen perspective while actuating pitch control is no problem at all.


True, the stand also doesn’t look that firm, it looks rather flimsy.

Good you like it, im sorta person i move my hands in jumping motion when i played mario :) same with push/pull and turn with yokes, if its really perfect, make video, it will be interesting to see. Thanks

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That made made my day, I couldn’t stop laughing.

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In this case looks are deceiving. Though it weighs just 0.7kg or 1.6lb, the design of the base gives good stability. The material is anodized aluminum ~5mm thickness. The cradle is constructed of somewhat lighter metal or possibly plastic.

I’ll work on it 😉

So a while ago I had this exact same idea and actually ended up purchasing the same stand you’ve shown. As you’ve already got it now, the following maybe won’t help, but just wanted to add my perspective for any others wishing to give it a try. @Dezertflyr, I’d be interested to hear if you faced anything similar to what I did.

After using it for about a week, I quickly found the stand was actually rather annoying to use because the stiffness of the hinge for vertical rotation made making small adjustments very difficult on final approach. It wasn’t so bad on take-off, but again was a bit restrictive. Horizontal navigation was okay as the rotation part was much less restrictive, but worth noting when you turn, you do have to somewhat adjust the vertical rotation too, which was difficult due to the aforementioned reason.

For what it’s worth, I tried disassembling the hinge unit where it rotates vertically to see if I could loosen it up a bit, but it’s just not adjustable in any way I could figure out. I also tried adding some WD40 in there to free it up a bit, but that didn’t work either. This meant that when trying to rotate, I was pulling on the tablet sides quite hard to move the position, something I wasn’t too happy with as I didn’t want to damage my device.

Just to note, using “B” in the diagram by @GatwickGuy to illustrate, the central point of the rotation is in the stands hinge itself, where adjusting the Y axis position actually means your device is effectively rotating around the hinge. As result, the true rotation point is slightly offset to where the accelerometer is in the device, which may or may not have an impact on the inputted motion. What I think would work better is a stand where the distance between the hinge and device is closer, but I couldn’t find anything like this available.

In the end I actually just kept practicing without the stand and made some slight adjustments to the control settings, which is now why the stand doesn’t get much use.

Also as a side note, the stand itself is actually very well made and I’d recommend it just as a normal tablet stand.

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Hmm…the torque required to rotate my device, which is the 12.9” iPad Pro, feels about right. I can understand how a smaller device would likely feel stiffer, however.
Interestingly, I had no trouble riding the beam into TNCM. The pax even applauded while landing on the only flight I’ve yet conducted. Maybe I just got lucky 😉

Ideally, a true gimbal mount would answer this concern. I didn’t find any such product available that conforms to my environment but then, I’m not convinced it’s really needed.

Maybe try using a case?

Please don’t comment on threads that are a few months old… It doesn’t need pushing.

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