Yoke for infinite flight

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Hey there guys,
I am looking to by an affordable yoke (around 100 USD). What do you guys reccomend?

I am looking for a real yoke

My recommendation:

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Does it require live flight connect? How do you control throttle?

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Are you on Apple or android?

Apple I am on

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Then yes you would.

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Even with iOS 13? What about the throttle?

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The throttle is connected, use the link below.

This is what I use, however I understand this may be a bit out of your budget.

This was a fact before IOS 13. I am asking since Xbox controllers are allowed for Apple now. That might have switched the policy for joysticks

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I used my yoke yesterday and used live flight connect.

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Have you tried without live flight connect?

Just bought this one… I hope it will connect to my Samsung note 10+

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You have to use Live Flight Connect. PM me if you need any help.

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I know how to use live flight connect thanks. How often do you actually use the yoke when playing infinite flight?

Only for pattern work and short flights. I mainly use it for X-Plane 11 and FSX.

Sadly you still cannot directly connect joysticks or yokes to a iOS device.

The only thing that would go around that restriction is if someone somewhere produced a MFi compatible yoke/joystick. Sadly I don’t think there is much demand to support the R&D to bring one to market.

Cross your fingers though! 🤞🏾

Edit: Now if someone wants to make a tutorial on how to get a Raspberry Pi 4 to run Live Flight Connect I’m all ears!

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