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So I have this problem where somehow when I disengage vertical speed autopilot and I re-calibrate the yoke automatically pitches up forcing me to trim down. I am not sure how this happens but it happens quite often for me. Maybe this is just a issue for my phone but it might be a bug.

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Do you calibrate your device before turning A/P off?

Maybe, I’m not sure.

Recalibrate your device before turning ap off.

Okay I hope that works

And maybe try changing your sensitivity 🙂

Look at the HUD, and make sure the flight director isn’t above the indented line when you disable autopilot.

Like users above have said, if doing long-haul, you’ve probably moved your device from ti’s original position, meaning you need to recalibrate before disengaging. Don’t worry though, most of us probably experiended this when starting off. :)

The reason this is happening is exactly as people have said above. Calibrate before taking A/P off, or your plane will go up.
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Calibration is very important while manual flying. Be sure to stabilize your plane and calibrate before disengaging AP :) I hope it works @RT6907

4 people have now said the exact same thing - calibrate the device. If you don’t have anything new to contribute, please just move on.

Read the thread before you post. You don’t get bonus points for being the sixth person to tell someone that they must be a certain trust level to post in that category. If it has already been said above, leave it alone and move on.

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It’s perfectly normal, I have a yoke and it happened to me too. You might be able to fix this by putting the sensitivity and the null zone a bit lower. Otherwise I don’t think there are anymore solutions to this!

Good luck!

This has happened before to me. If your Altitude is set and your Vertical speed is set and then disabled. It will go to pitch down then pitch up and back down again and so on. The best was to go about fixing this is to always have the V/S set when your Altitude is set and activated.

Hope this explains a little bit.

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