Yoke broke on take off roll

Hello everyone. I was taking off KPDX just now and my yoke decided to break when I was rotating. It would not let me move it at all. I tried to abort takeoff and I ended up crashing into the ocean.

Device: iPhone 7 +
Software: IOS 10.3.3


If anyone knows the controller currently controlling, I would like to apologize to them for causing any trouble.

Did you calibrate your device before taking off?

I’ve had this before. A simple device restart should fix it (assuming we are talking about the same thing)

One time issues can occur every now and then.
Does it work good now?

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Yes. Everything was normal before I decided to rotate.

Yes, just tested it on solo and it seems to be working fine now.

Even so, it shouldn’t be randomly failing like that on a crucial part of the game. I think this issue needs to be addressed.

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Sometimes click on the HDG autopilot or VS on and off because sometimes for me that locks it up.

Nothing was accidentally pressed. I checked that after it locked up.

@Julius97 is your contact. Shoot him a PM ;)


If you don’t have any stable way to reproduce the issue, it will be extremly hard to locate the issue. Software fails sometimes.


The bottom bar of my screen including the rudder and reverse thrust sometimes seems to stop working and not react to any of my touches, this gets fustrating when landing or taxiing.

And this only happens on IF

This is either just a glitch with your phones accelerometers or a problem with Infinite Flight itself. As @ewanfleming said, make sure you restart the phone when this happens. Since it is not a known problem, it is probably a one-off and will not happen again.


Well now that this just happened, I’m paranoid that it would happen again.

One time, non-reproducable issue.