Yoke being stuck a little to the left

Every time I load into a flight my yoke is a little top the left no matter what, and I’ve done everything deleted the app reset settings everything anyone know why this is happening?

I’m not sure why that happens, but you could try calibrating your phone while you’re tilting your phone to the left. That should fix it till you find a better fix.


I would do what Rocky said, but I would also look at the Controls section of your settings in IF. There, it’ll show your accelerometer which shows how far left, up or down the device is tilted based on your calibration.

Try this for me:

  1. Spawn in and put your phone/tablet on a flat surface.
  2. Calibrate your device while it’s still on the table.
  3. Go back into Settings, then at the bottom tap “Controls.”
  4. Send a screenshot of that screen and send it here so I can see.

Normally, when everything’s calibrated, you should see this if you haven’t moved your device.


Just checking here… do you have any roll/pitch control or is your yoke completely locked?

No. I’ve tried everything

Are you on an Apple device? If so, could you go to your compass app and see if it is dynamic (moving) as you move your device? If not, maybe there is an app similar on Android to test this on?

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