Yoke and Throttle

Hey! I was thinking about upgrading my IF flight experience. I have a Logitech joystick right now and I use Live Flight Connect with my PC. I thought about upgrading to the Honeycomb yoke and a separate throttle. Is it possible to connect a yoke and a separate throttle onto the same device through Live Flight Connect? As long as both have USB to connect to my PC right?


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Check out this post which should have all your answers!

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What do you mean a separate throttle? If you buy the Logitech Yoke the throttle quadrant plugs into the yoke and the yoke plugs into the PC via 1 USB.

I am interested in a new yoke that doesn’t have a throttle. It is just the yoke. So I would have to buy a separate throttle. So me question is could I use both on IF at the same time

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Could you link the yoke?

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I have tried to connect the Logitech G X52 Pro without any luck, even after consulting Cam. It could just be me, but still I wouldn’t suggest purchasing that model if you are looking for both the joystick and the thrust leavers.

Their 3D Pro version works fine, however. But it does not have any dedicated thrust controls.

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I’m not sure if the throttle and the yoke would be supported. your best chance in finding out is asking a LiveFlight developer. An alternative yoke is the Logitech G yoke that is confirmed to work.

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