Yogyakarta to Macau

1) Background to the photos
A timelapse of my flight from Yogyakarta, Indonesia to the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau on Garuda’s Airbus A330-900neo

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Route: WAHI - VMMC
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 4hrs 30mins
Aircraft: Airbus A330-900neo

3) Photos
A link to the timelapse is here


This is a great job, love the superimpose and the relaxing sound of your journey, if you saw one more likes recently on your youtube that’ll be from me. Thanks for sharing man!

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Very realistic eh. Jokes aside, nice video! I visited Yogyakarta 2 months ago and had a really good time.

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Supreme route choice and really nice timelapse, 10/10 from me! 😍


This is a fantastic route choice. I’m sure @Shane would appreciate this because of reasons too.


Thanks so much for watching the video. Means a lot

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Hahaha well the reason I chose it was because of the fact that Macau had just got 3D Buildings in IF and it is a cool airport with essentially ‘floating taxiways’. Glad to hear about your visit to Yogyakarta. Take Care

Thanks a lot Shane

Thank You So Much