YMML-YSSY Virgin Australia.

I want to keep this short and sweet to let’s go ;)

Big thanks to @Prashant_Divedi for the great approach!

Aircraft and liverty Virgin Australia
Flight time 1hr 38mins (i had to go around)
Spotted @AviatorGamerYT allsine YOUTUBER
Reason for go around traffic did not expedite leaving the runway

I have no taxi af YSSY because after landing I quit because it was late. It worked out so late because of the go around.







Go around


Also my first time fully landing on APPR.

What one did you like the most?

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Thanks for stopping! 😁

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Aii thanks for spotting me lol did u see my video u was shouted out to 😂🤣 anyway I just got ghosted 😢 sucks will have to see what they will say

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I believe you spelled *cruise wrong and *climb but overall great photos

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There goes grade 4

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I would not be surprised if I spelled them incorrect

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Lol yea and I was so close to grade 5 😢

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Let’s see what @Prashant_Divedi has to say

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I wish i could have flown with you. If only Apple didn’t mess me up.

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Boo you apple. Why I use Samsung

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