YMML🇭🇲 to NZAA🇳🇿

Route - YMML🇭🇲 to NZAA🇳🇿 (Melbourne to Auckland)
Aircraft - Boeing 777-300er
Livery - Air New Zealand (AIVA078)
Server - Expert
Total Flight time - 4hrs 55mins
Distance - about 1449nm

🚩AIVA organized this event from the beautiful city of Melbourne to ‘City of Sails’ Auckland. 25 member of AIVA participated in this amazing event. Thanks to AIVA Staff for organizing this event it was worth it Hope you guys like my screenshots!

🇭🇲YMML Airport Apron G60a

🏳Taxing to Runway ‘34’

🛫Positive rate gear up


🛬On FInal runway ‘05R’

🛬Touchdown at Runway ‘05R’

🇳🇿The End


Lookin good, the Air New Zealand livery looks great in the sunset there, and it’s cool to see so many planes there. Great photos!

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Thanks mate!😁

Great photos mate! The trans-tasman flights are always a good one! ;)

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The ANZ livery is just beautiful. Plain out fits any aircraft

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Couldn’t agree more!

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ANZ livery is definitely one of my favorite😍

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