YMML Spotting 15/9/22

Here’s a few shots from a recent spotting trip to YMML.

VA830 (VH-VUK) 737-8FE from YSSY arriving Runway 34 at 11:35 local time (AEST) (0135z)

ZL227 (VH-MFM) 737-85R from YBBN arriving Runway 34 at 11:27 local time (0127z)

QF7398 (VH-ULY) A321-232(P2F) from YPPH arriving Runway 34 at 11:40 local time (0140z)

QF94 (VH-ZND) 787-9 from YSSY arriving Runway 34 at 11:41 local time (0141z)

QLK52 (VH-TQY) Dash 8-300 arriving Runway 34 from YDPO at 11:47 local time (0147z)

ZL34 (VH-REX) 737-8FE departing Runway 34 to YPAD at 12:14 local time (0214z)

ZL3664 340B, QF1988 E190AR, QF616 737-838, VA741 737-8FE and a Jetstar 787-8

TR19 (9V-OJD) 787-8 pushing back Gate 8 at Terminal 2 to go to WSSS at 12:56 local time (0256z)

NZ124 (ZK-OKO) 777-319(ER) holding short 4th in sequence for departure for NZAA at 12:56 local time (0256z)

A Qantas A330-203 (QF774), A Qantas 737-838 and a Qantas Freight 737-4S3F


Always nice to see a spotting topic from my home airport. Awesome shots mate!


Thanks! It’s great to have a few Melbourne spotting topics.

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Very nice photos! Something different to see than just Sydney PS

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Good photos, what camera do you use?

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A Panasonic LUMIX FZ80, which is $400 (Australian) and a very good budget camera and with a bit of editing, (I use Lightroom for editing), an excellent picture can be produced.

Didn’t know Qantas Freight operated the A321, learn something new everyday.

Nice to see a fellow Melbournian on the forums

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They’ve been opr the freighter 321 for a long time haha

Yeah they operated it since 2020

Wonderful shots mate ! ;) Melbourne is an amazing airport with some really interesting traffic ! :)

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Thanks, I love going to Melbourne airport for spotting, we get some good variety here.

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