YMML-OMAA With Etihad

Ok So this is my first Screen shots topic so give me feed is welcome
Route is YMML-OMAA
Flight time was just under 13 hours
And with a near mid collision with a a380 was a quick scare. I avoided it and continued to descend and land at -41 FPM in Abu Dhabi


Nice! I prefer the old Etihad livery.


Nice photos! For once we won’t have to have a wave of Regulars asking to check the rules of this category!

Keep making topics like this and you’ll be more known and respected on the community!


Nice photos! Even better landing at -41 fpm! I rarely get -400 😂

Haha I usually do my landings manually

Same here. I just can’t butter(or grease(whatever))

I have had the game for two years and have almost 2400 hours of flight time my first few flights were -3000fpm and still I flew a delta 717 into Tampa the other week it came to be -2000fpm Landing (didn’t crash but should have gone around) but we all could use work on our landings

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Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

Thanks the a380 got me paying attention quick luckily I climbed a few hundred feet to avoid him

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Yeah, that was the right decision here to avoid any (more) dangerous situation. Well done!

Ya missed him by 300 feet

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But I had my eye on him for a good 10 NM