YMML-NZWN In the NEW A359!

What a beautiful aircraft!

Hi again everyone! Today, with the release of the A359 to IF, I decided to fly a new Singapore Airlines route: YMML (Melbourne Int’l) to NZWN (Wellington Int’l). This route takes the A350 right over my house so I decided to give it a go!

FPL as always was made with Simbrief and FPLtoIF, and this flight was done on the Expert Server.

Enough babbling, let’s look at some photos!

^ Filing the flight plan and loading the cargo at the gate!

^ Rotating out of Melbourne on Runway 16

^ Gear up!

^ Just off the left wingtip is my house! Passing through FL 280 on the decent

^ Turning base for Runway 16 (yes, also 16) in Wellington

^ On final

^ Smoooth landing making use of that fabulous gear tilt

^ Parked at the gate for shutdown and unloading!

Thanks for taking a look at these, and thanks to the devs for an AMAZING update!

Your friendly neighborhood New Zealander, Jim


Loving these shots! New Zealand is truly stunning in every way.


Very nice pictures! How long did this flight take?

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I think I saw you logging out at the end of your flight. I spawned in an A350

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Lmao I was gonna caption that picture with “good ol’ Singapope Airlines” and then forgot 😂

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Thanks! The flight took just under 3 hours😁

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I didn’t see any other Singapope a350s enroute to Wellington, so it probably was me 😃