YMEN Airport markings

So I was flying around YMEN (Essendon Fields) and the airport markings are totally inaccurate. First of all the main landing lines are not stripes apart from the Piano keys at the start of the runway. 2 the thicc landing thresh hold lines of 35 don’t go over the intersecting runway it’s just after the intersecting runway 08. 3. Some more lines needed to be added on to 35 and the opposite of 35 and I also believe that some of the area of YMEN is not the correct with the the landscaping, (that’s my personal opinion) but yea things need to be fixed. I’ve taken some screenshots to show my POV. https://photos.app.goo.gl/shUyQ3PnWdQuk1yZA

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With your concerns in regards to the markings on the runways:

IFAET editors are unable to edit what runways look like (aside from classifications). So the comments in regards to markings can’t be fixed.

In regards to the landscaping:

The landscaping at the end of the runway can’t be changed either. As this is also like runways - the altitude of an airport is typically the highest altitude shown on a chart. You’ll notice this at Melbourne Tullamarine (YMML)'s southern end as well.

It’s all to do with what can be done in World Editor (the application used by the IFAET). Runways stay dead flat in Infinite Flight, while Essendon must have a slopped one.


Ah got you. thankyou for explaining that


No worries! Glad I could help. :)

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Thanks Adam. :)