Yield your subscription

So I got this idea when I was overlooking myself in previous years MUN( Model United Nations ) wherein we could yield our time to others etc.

I tried to bring in to this that I have done up my infinite flight due to personal reasons but yet I have 2 months if golden live+ remaining

So it goes as such. We pay the required money to FDS … That ensures they are good . now at this situation I fell myself not utilizing those 2 months of live+… Same place on the other hand there might be a guy who wishes to have all the planes and regions under live+ scheme but also aknoledges that maybe due to some upcoming personal duration he woyluld not be able to utilize the live…

In that case possibly a system could come up that I could put up an offer in a possible yielding chart…

A person seems interested , so somehow under a well co structed system he could pay the value of live+ for 2 months to FDS and that same could come to my account.

In that case we ensure FDS is paid up… I don’t waste my much of money and nor does that guy by paying for something which he might discontinue in the not too distant future

I think this is legit and needs some criticism…feel free

side note please ignore it if you don’t get it
As some of you may know that I had done up with IF. But you see it is never too bad to do some internet at your friends place… So please don’t shoot me pm/DM saying “hey I thought you had gone, wassup?” …please


Don’t buy a season ticket for a soccer team and stop going to watch the games two months before the end of the term…

You paid for a 12 month subscription, FDS gave you 12 months worth of membership, if you don’t use it mate, that’s just life.

No criticism from me!


I’ve suggested this before.

Live+ in segmented 1 day blocks sold as a whole month. You use what you pay for and pay for what you will use. Like a prepaid mobile.

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Think it’s fine as it is, try it out without all the planes and regions and that’s enough to know whether you like it but if they do this then they will not have a good price structure as it makes sense as it currently is

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So is it like you get all the planes and regions for a fixed price but you pay for Live only for how much you use it?
P.S: I’m talking about Live+

Currently a year of Live+ goes for $50. Approximately $.137/day.

My suggestion would elevate that daily price to $.50/day, and you pre-pay 30 segments of a day each for $15.00 and use them as desired. If someone blows through all their days in two calendar months it will likely push them to purchas Live+ as a yearly.

Now, that’s not such a bad idea, is it?

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Why would they implement this?

It’s a 12 month subscription to you. Read the terms and conditions. It’s also probably covered in the apple / google store terms and conditions. It’s likely that anything like this where it’s purchased through the Apple Store, would have to be handled and implemented by them.

If you can just pass it around whenever you want, it’ll stop others purchasing subscriptions. Instead of FDS having two people subscribed, you’ve handed yours over to a new person who also would’ve paid for, at very least, a monthly subscription. FDS is now out of pocket, and they have to spend further time on these ‘logistical’ things to transfer over subscriptions, ensure transfer of monies between persons, transfer subscriptions etc.

Sorry, but the real world is ‘buyer beware’ - a 12 month subscription is that. It’s a Simple business strategy. People get a slight discount to pay for a whole year and in turn it guaranteed money into the business’ pocket.

I haven’t even got into the transfer of pilot grading and statistical side of things.

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But you could give your tickets away…

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Exactly. I yield my time to the chair.

Pasta I thought your modem blew up