Yet to complete a flight over 12hrs

I’m a little frustrated (understatement) as I seem to have repeated failures on long haul flights. I have so far had the app crash pretty much 2hrs out from my destination on 4 occasions now. On one occasion I was 10mins out from landing and it (app) crashed. I’ve seen all the posts on RAM, and have made all those adjustments, restarted the devise prior, lowered the graphics etc., etc… but last night I had a different situation. I was flying from OTBD to KLAX along with @Kudzuchimp I was about 5 hrs. out from KLAX when I noticed a message came up saying someone had logged in to my account using a different device, the throttle was cut… and the ending not so pretty… I have no other device… I have yet to be in contact with @Kudzuchimp but I noticed we both disappeared from Live Flight at the same time. Is this a known issue? or perhaps a new one… Either way it’s incredibly frustrating.


Laura has fixed it, and it may take a few minutes for the effect to be shown


Fixed what?, what was the problem…? and relating to which issue?


There was server issues that caused that message to appear. Laura apologizes for the inconvenience and is looking into the logs to see what happened.


Oh that happened today?

Yes, about 15 minutes go. Everyone was kicked and or given an error of some sort.


@Knellered Please close the app and relaunch.


That happened to me as well. I just ended the flight I was in and started another flight and all was good.

Today was the first time that I had seen the message about another device logging in. The other times I have had the app just crash within an hour of my destination. That’s after flying 12+ hours. So there might be a different bug in that case.

Thats what everyone just said. It was a bug with the servers

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This is what happened unfortunately. Just a one off issue… shame it happened during my first long haul. Never mind!

You weren’t the only one who had to cut your flight short :/


My name is Maykel .

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to me also happens to me the same thing when I leave the iphon and I enter later I have to start a new route besides until the server is disconnected I see it in the screen of the game and I can no longer visualize the planes in the map who can help me with that

Hi there @Maykel_Machado, once you launch Infinite Flight we strongly urge you to stay in the app. Backing out and coming back can have consequences such as a cancelled flight or closing of Infinite Flight altogether.

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Yes but I’m saying this wasn’t the only time that I have had long flights cut short. The issue today sounds like it was a solo incident. I have been getting app crashes on long flights since global came out.

So far i have attempted to fly LHR - JFK 3 times, only one was successful, Narita -LAX, Crashed 2 hours from destination, LAX - Auckland, Crashed two hours from destination, LAX - Dubai, Crashed about 4 hours from destination. I did make it from LHR -LAX… but thats not good odds for long haul. I read about the RAM getting full the longer the flight, but whats the point of global, if you can’t fly globally. I’m sure it will get sorted out as bugs will exist and all kinds of teething issues on such a big roll out, doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but it could be another bug?

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Same happen to me. I was on final from my 13 hour flight (Singapore-LHR), my app crash. Most of the time is just that the app will lag for a while before I could regain control. Cheers!

I’ve been able to complete multiple 12hr.+ flights without any issues.

Few things to consider before attempting a long haul:

  • Have a strong Wifi connection
  • Shutdown Infinite Flight and restart your device before launching a flight. This will clear your cache an allow your device to start off on a clean slate.
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I’ve been doing all of that… maybe tonight is the night i luck out…;-)