Yet another A330 topic (Part 1)

So yeah I was bored so I decided to practice flying the new A330 at my home airport

this is my first time flying the A330


Server: Solo
Time: 1500 (local) 2000 (zulu)
Aircraft: Air Transat A330
Airport: Norman Manley International (MKJP)
Pilot: Me
Route: MKJP - Oblivion
Hotel: Trivago

Anyway here are the photos :)


Improvised Turn


South Coast

Flying over The Blue Mountains

Right Wing

Front View

Gear Up!

Landing?, Takeoff

The North Coast


okay so that’s it for now…there are other pictures but IF crashed so stay tuned for a part 2. Any tips on editing?

Bye for nw :)


Nice trip man!!

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Interesting route…

Nice photos!

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Thanks loll :)