Yesterday's FNF in 10 Screenshots

Hello, guys! Yesterday, I and my friends @AlphaSeven @NeperQiell and @Komar1712 flew together to the airports which were featured in yesterday’s FNF. The destinations were amazing and the flights were really fun.

I also did some flights by myself around yesterday’s FNF airports. The screenshots from these flights are also in this post.

Flight Details

  • Server: Expert
  • Aircraft: Croatia Airlines A319 (Group flights); Brussels Airlines A319 (Alone flights)
  • Route: LGAV-LDDU-LDZA (Group flights); LDZA-EBBR-EKCH (Alone flights)
  • Total Flight Time: About 6 hours

I, @AlphaSeven and @NeperQiell are preparing for the flights

This picture might look a bit too yellow on certain screens, the color calibration changes it a lot. In reality, it looks normal

I can get you guys a custom wing view

That really is not the default left wing view

I buttered in Dubrovnik, @Komar1712 has spawned in and @NeperQiell is making the flight plan

All four of us are parked and preparing for the short hop

@AlphaSeven is taking off

Positive rate, gear up.

This is me taking off

Another butter for the day, this time in Zagreb

I changed my plane and… Oh wow, that’s a significant amount of traffic for a Balkan airport in IF!

MAN Flex, SRS, RWY, A/THR Blue.

I don’t have any screenshots from Brussels, but I’d like to thank the IFATC controller in EBBR around 2020-04-17T16:00:00Z

500! Stable. Check.

Here, I am landing in Copenhagen EKCH

Most of the screenshots were edited, even slightly. Only 2 of them are the raw screenshots from IF Replay Mode.

I hope you guys liked my screenshots. I put in quite some time to edit them. Any critique, tips, opinions, comment and advice is awaited, respected and appreciated!


Awesome photos! Loved flying with y’all!


Very cool photos!


These are very lovely pictures 😆😊

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Awesome! I’m glad some Balkan airports and Brussels was finally active! Great to see! Nevertheless awesome pictures!


Great pics mate thanks for sharing

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the scenery is so amazing for a mobile sim! Great pictures!

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