Yesterdays ATC Schedule

Thank you @Tyler_Shelton for yesterday’s featured high altitude Airports ! That made some really nice approaches possible, and all this topped by the amazing scenery of the Himalayas. And also a special thank you to @ArthurBrockman for his 5? 6? Hours of continuously ATC operation in Lhasa! Hope I didn’t bother you with my China MD-11 ( also it wasn’t me all the time flying, what a bad, long landing in Lhasa, Patrick, the MD-11 is a pilots aircraft and not an Atari game console like your real LH A320 )


You need to post these in #screenshots-and-videos and ensure you stick to the guidelines to avoid flags.


Hello! I bumped these over to #screenshots-and-videos so it’s in the right category. Fantastic shots though! Really encouraging to see people enjoy the day as intended. There’s some neat themes, scenarios, and airlines that can spice up your flights!

That region as a whole never gets old. Thanks for sharing!


The 2 weeks that I’m on holiday I miss these beautiful events… I’d love to plan the ATC schedule for one week (Not asking), because I’d love to get all the places I love and think deserve more attention… I plan several Events for 4 VA’s and work all day and night for IF Route Databases for both VA and personal use 😂🥵.

Yea I was not sure I just wanted to thank Tyler ( this time not tagged ) for the schedule and without pictures I think it was in the right place but then I added few pictures and yes it became a topic for the screenshots, but I could not move it over by myself. And yes I will promise to read the forum rules once again :)

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