Yes, you should fly in the eastern carribeans

Ever made a flight in the carribeans? No?
Well, you certainly missed something then. The eastern carribeans are a really nice place to fly at. You got lots of rather small islands, most of which have at least one airfield you could approach, and the scenery is awesome. You don’t know if you prefer the beaches or the mountains? Well, here you often have both, just a mile apart from one another. I especially love flying around the famous Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin, it’s a really cool place for almost all types of aircraft.

All pictures taken on expert server, routes: TNCM-TFFF, TQPF-TNCM, TFFF-TNCM


Amazing!! The Citation looks very cool :D

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It really needs a rework actually, but at least from the outside it does look very nice, yeah

Yeah, the interior is old and very outdated.

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Lovely Shots 🙂

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Nice pictures!

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I’ve flown to nearly every Caribbean commercial airport 😏

But I absolutely agree, it’s awesome. Especially in Winter!


Damn, that’s impressive 👍

I’ve gotta do some flights out there! The scenery looks amazing!

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