Yes… This is Expert Server

So I was going to do some pattern work at my hometown airport when I stumbled upon this…

This user decided to do touch and goes in a very insteresting way.

The first touch and go was on the middle of the airport.

Then starts climbing nearly hitting a mountain

Part 2 is he comes in for the shortest and smallest runway that can barely handle a private jet and touches down too early.

In part 3 I was finally able to takeoff, I decided to fly somewhere else but it seems that our A330 is coming in for a really sharp approach.

I still can’t believe this type of behavior still happens on the Expert Server


Mhm, correct and normal Expert Server!




Such a nightmare. Ofc this is a game and many people think of it as just a game instead of a realistic experience


That’s why expert is expert! Legendary flight.🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃


It’s certainly annoying, but the main offenders don’t have an IFC account, have an inactive IFC account or wont reply. So there’s not to much that can be done about it.


Seems fine to me

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Nothing wrong here. Probably following the Ryanair SOPs…in a Delta aircraft.


Lol how did you even find this topic??


I found it because it popped up in the main feed for me.

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Huh. Every now or then I find myself in this exact situation on expert. Fun to watch them get banned from the server right in front of you lol

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I saw a response to a topic of the annoying types of people in IF, and someone linked this post.

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This happened at London heathrow as well the other day

We need an expert expert server. I just wanna have a realistic flight!

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Sorry, but I had to say this about this photo…

Oh hey look a penny


Welp now this topic is alive again, I’d like to share a wholesome pic of me giving an a330 a little kiss 😊 What actually happened was I was finishing an overnight but was very sleepy still… didn’t completely know what I was doing….

Just a nice lil’ pat on the back 🙃

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“Introduce a little anarchy”

this is expert server without ATC

Every server is a free for all unless a staff member or ATC is present

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