Yembolit19’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KHOU

My plan is to stay one hour in Tower and Ground Freq. in KSSC. (Kinda random airport but it has two rwys, no ppl right now and is 3D).

I would appreciate anyone joining for pattern, normal departure… whatever you like. Thanks!

Active Runway 22R and 22L, pattern work is allowed. Beautiful day with no winds and unlimited visibility.

Open now (05:00z and Im gonna stay for one hour)

See you there!


Can be there in 5-10 min

You have a plane inbound right now and me on the ground

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I open in 10 mins, see you there!

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Good so far…

Watch your transition… 3000 instead of 2500

You cleared me for option without giving me a left/right after on my 1st pass… I go away a little and will be back

Pattern entry / clearance / frequency hop good so far 👍🏻

Little late sequencing on my left downwind (was turning base) but very good so far on my side as far as I know!

Keep up the good work!

  • Bulet 99 / OK-YEAH

Hello! I was Lifeguard 505 (as well as replying on behalf of TR-UUE)

Feedback from Lifeguard 505:

  • Overall, you seem to have a grasp of most basic controlling concepts, which is good

  • Sequencing: needs some work

If a pilot is not first in line, they need a sequence before their clearance. For example, if TR-UUE is number 1 and Lifeguard is number 2, you must give lifeguard a sequence (number 2, traffic to follow is on final/base/downwind, etc.)

  • Extending downwind and calling base is not really necessary in the situations you used it for as a sequence tells a pilot who they need to follow. However, it didn’t cause any major issues, besides a higher workload for you.

  • Solid session! If you have any quwstions about my feedback, feel free to ask!

And feedback from TR-UUE:

Some work on separating runway patterns may be beneficial.

  • Have 22R on right traffic and 22L on left traffic. (That would’ve cleared up a few upwind conflicts).

  • I was back and forth on both runways but on the opposite pattern. I’d be on 22L with right traffic and then switch to 22R with left traffic.

  • On my runway change, I wasn’t given left or right traffic. Make sure to specify a pattern direction when switching s pilot’s runway

  • Runway exit could have been earlier, but not a major issue

  • Great job with spacing and separation!


@Yembolit19 You closed? I was coming back 😆!

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I was going to open CYUL… R U up?

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Thanks for being there! it means a lot.

About the transition, I still don’t get it, at what altitude should I assign for the transition? 2500 ft AGL?

Other than that I agree of what you said, I sometimes forget to give where to go in the pattern in the 1st pass. Agree also on the sequency too late.

Anyways, really appreciate your help, see you!

Airport + 2500 rounded up 500

I have the same problem about 1st pass clearance

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Oh danmit sorry! I really thought you were leaving… you even changed frequency hahaha… my bad. But really, thank you for coming!!

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Aircraft must request a transition if passing through the airspace of the Tower Controller unless the aircraft is with the radar facility of that airport. For Infinite Flight, Tower airspace is defined as the most immediate ring/boundary surrounding the airport and up to 5000ft AAL (therefore if the elevation of the airport is 1000ft, the tower’s airspace would be 1000ft – 6000ft).

A transition must only be approved within tower’s airspace (so in the example above, no higher than 6000ft). Separation must be applied if the Tower Controller has aircraft in the pattern.

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Thank you two for coming, really appreciate the help.

Honestly for the sequencing, I didn’t use that command, didn’t know it was even there, I was just giving sequence numbers from the “clear to land” radio… I will use that 100% the next time because it would have been much easier for me. I have still to get used to the interface and learn all the different commands.

From TR-UUE, I totally agree, at the end I managed to more less organize everything better but I didn’t realize at the begining that those patterns makes no sense.

I will work on the runway patters, need some more work.

Also I saw what you did at the end with your F-16 haha… I won’t tell anyone

But thank you guys again for coming, it made my day!


When is your next open session so I could join. @Yembolit19

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Probably tomorrow, I will let you know


Opening again in 40 minutes! @ 05:00Z, I will update the post with new info. As always anyone is more than welcome even if is only for 10 mins, that also helps! Pattern work is higly appreciate. See you there!


What time will this close

Everyone come and join @Yembolit19 practice session today.

Probably around 06:00Z

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TR-UUE here, my feedback:

Great job on patterns and sequencing. You seemed to improve on them greatly! It was a very smooth session and I enjoyed it a lot. Especially when I did my low pass with the boom lowered.

One thing however caught my attention, one of my final messages to tower was “TR-UUE is on final RWY 22R.” I was already cleared for the option so a landing clearance isn’t necessary. My intention was to make you aware of my stop and exit out of the runway. When I’m cleared for the option, I could perform a touch and go, a full stop landing, or a flyby. I have the options to choose from. Now, not everyone may send the ‘full stop’ message. So keep and eye on them when they land.

Other than that one tiny detail, everything for me was awesome.


Southwest 128


Overall the session was good

Very good sequences and clearances

Lookout for any g/a because I had to go around and was a late g/a . In the future , when you take your practical, if you see a go around and do not put that command, your test failed. It is the most important thing.

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