Yellow ring

Good morning A yellow ring around my airport what exactly does that mean

Hello! Can you please add more detail to your post so we can assist you.

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Im ATC for gclp and there is a yellow ring. I know what a red ring means but never seen yellow or maybe it’s orange colored

It’s a TFR that isn’t currently active
Like the ones at KASE/KEGE and Lukla.
There was a size restriction for yeserstays FNF event


So I can allow heavies when it’s this color

Theoretically, the 767 is the biggest you should allow, but you may let heavies in too.

And it keeps changing from orange to red

On my ground feq it’s orange but yet red on my tower feq

It changes only when the devs change it.

So the dev are currently changing it as I’m controlling?

And if I want no heavies who do I contact to request it active?

Probably not. They will change it only during events or at other times. It is very unlikely it will happen at that time

Thanks by the way it’s the ts server

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You don’t requested it. The developers on Infinite Flight change it whenever they wish. They won’t be constantly changing it though.

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Thank you very much all for the help


Can someone be kind enough to close this for me

It was a TFR (the T is for “temporary”) for yesterday’s FNF event. It’s yellow because it’s expired. They won’t be placing it back on.

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I flagged it! Okay? Glad I could help.

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