Yellow Player Names


I have a quick question for you guys! Does anyone know why some players on live have their names in yellow instead of white or green? I just took off at Half Moon Bay in the free flight server and two people on the ground have their names in yellow. Does this mean that they are a frequent rule breaker?


Lower standing percentage I think under 80% is in yellow and 50% and bellow are red


Ok thanks! I just looked at one of the planes that was yellow and he has 995 violations! yikes!


I’m pretty sure yellow is below 50% and red is far below 50, not sure though.


100% Standing - Green
50-99% Standing - White
25-50% Standing - Amber (or Yellow or Orange if you like)
<25% Standing - Red

Special colours:
Blue - FDS personnel
Purple - Moderator

Color of other aircraft labels and planes
Color of other aircraft labels and planes