Yellow Glow While Flying In The Dark

When I fly on the simulator and it is dark out, and it doesn’t happened during the day there is a yellow glow in the top left of the screen. Please let me know if anyone knows what this is, thank you!

That’s the moon.

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Believe it or not, but I think it’s actually your tablet’s screen. My iPad’s screen is slightly curved for some reason, and it has the same effect.

Take a look from the side to see if it’s curved.

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What do you mean curved?

I mean curved

I’m suggesting that this is something to do with your actual iPad, not IF.

Do you have the same effect on yours, could it be the moon?

I think it is the moon

I think it is not the moon, can you send us the screenshot?

Take a look from an angle like this on your iPad

If the middle is higher up than the sides, then you have the same ‘issue’ as my iPad.

And it does show up in every view, but when my screen is dark on other applications it doesn’t do this.

I Think is the Moon too, can you take another screen shot looking in another angle?

No, moon is appearing blue in IF

I checked and the iPad isn’t curved

I’m sure it’s just a reflection from the camera angle your viewing from. To be honest, I can’t think what else it would be.

Are you entirely sure? The photo really looks like LCD distortion at the top.

And when I change the iPad angle, besides from looking straight at it, it doesn’t appear

What’s the problem if it disappears then?

There is no problem if it disappears, I am just saying this so people can help me.

Looking at the screenshot, the image in question is over the top, which is usually where the moon is in IF above the aircraft.

i think its the moon and the way you took the screenshot
or it just could be your ipad