Yellow Dot

In the upper right corner of this pic, there is a yellow dot that I have never seend before. What is this supposed to be or mean?

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Its iOS 14, meaning your microphone is in use (I’m fairly sure)


Are you running iOS 14? If so, it means that an app which is running is using your microphone (it could be a background app, not necessarily Infinite Flight. In fact, I don’t think Infinite Flight even uses your microphone, so it’s probably a background app)


This makes sense, which I am on iOS14. I use IF Ops which uses the microphone for voice commands.


It’s just ios 14 lol i was also confused when i saw it

I see… well then, I guess your doubt has been cleared! Stay safe, and have a great flight :)

P.S. on a side note, it would be nice if you could mark my message as your solution! You know, brownie points for me! I’m kidding. I’m happy to help, and I’ll see you around :)

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