Yellow dot on the 737

There is a yellow dot on the 737, does anyone know if this is actually on the 737, or if it is a glitch by the devs?

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Would it be possible to show us a screenshot or screen recording regarding the issue?

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sure, here:

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I believe that’s just due to the livery irl since I’ve rarely noticed it on other liveries.

No, that’s actually an issue with IF’s 737. I’ve never seen a 737 in real life with yellow noses, while pretty much all of IF’s 737s with white fuselages have this problem.

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More noticeable in low graphics (all high vs all low)


If I were you, I would just ignore it. Good catch though!

I’ve never noticed it but I always have my graphics’s set to high. Interesting though.

Setting Texture Quality to Low will cause the yellow smudge on the tip of the nose of the 737 to be visible on some of the liveries.


The big bug splat

It could be a minor “dirt”, the cone withstands the headwinds every time it goes airborne! 😄


that is what I do, just pointing out