Yellow banana pics over the Caribbean’s!

1) A few weeks ago, I flew from KMIA-SKBO in a yellow banana, and I wanted to share some photos of the Caribbean’s!
2)Yellow banana A321 from KMIA-SKBO. Flight time was 4:15. Expert server.



Hi! Please make sure to read up on the #screenshots-and-videos category next time before posting!
Thank you!
Ex: please don’t post anything with the status bar still in the photos, and no display names or boxes

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Hey like @anon74260613 said make sure to read this topic before posting
other then that they are great photos


Great shots! Like how you called it a yellow Banana 😅

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@Flightistic great shots, the A320 family (meaning A318, A319, A320, A321) is really nice.

Just a little suggestion, when uploading #screenshots-and-videos I suggest you go back to your replays and take screenshots from their so you avoid the clutter of the controls, and lower picture quality.

Otherwise great pictures, looking forward to more!!! :)

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