Yehia_Mohamed’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN] [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hey there welcome to my new tracking thread as the old one was closed I already passed my written and scheduling the practical

Can be last one before practical but I’m not sure;)



                    TOWER & GROUND 

      Using runways:    N/A

• Pattern work allowed

• Light aircrafts are accepted

Session tags:

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Thanks for coming!! @FireCracker

No issues for me! Thanks for the incredible service :)

Looking forward to you joining IFATC in the very near future!

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Yes me too!!, did I do well?

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Your controlling was flawless. If you can do what you showed me today with 5-7 pilots in your airspace, you’ll have no issues with the practical :)

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Alright thanks for coming really appreciated !!

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No worries. Anytime!

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Thanks for coming appreciated!! @Zuhair.Mazhar and sorry I miscliked taxi to… Instead of pushback and the landing clearance was incorrect but I hope I corrected it with the right one :))

Yep all corrections were right. The last inbound for landing was to see whether you have situational awareness ;). Except sequencing, I tested pattern entries, runway changes, clearances and transition and all of them were spot on.

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Alright thanks for coming again really appreciated

                      PASSED PRACTICAL

Thanks to everybody who helped me with my training and helped me passing the exam

@Zuhair.Mazhar @FireCracker @Alexandre

Sorry if I forgot anyone!


               Especial thanks to :

Recruiter: @RoyalJordanian

Training: @DannyHL


Huge congratulations and welcome to the team! 🥳

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Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳

Btw i saw u yesterday at LFPG
Such a high Fpm👀👀👀


Congratulations! Welcome to IFATC!

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Was a pleasure working with you! Have fun on expert 🥳

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Thanks!! I saw you too👀

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Thanks! The pleasure is mine !

Thank you !

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