Year In Event Flight Format

Hey all, with the new rule that you can’t post an event flight prior to 60 days of event and ATC training happening within days, why do we need to include the year in the title and even the month in ATC training titles?

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What happens if you post an event on December 5th 2020 and it takes place on January 5th 2021?


Why not?

It’s standard procedure. A specific date usually contains all three. Day, Month & Year.


Going off of what @DiamondGaming4 said, there would probably be a requirement for the last 2 months of the year to use the year (for events). And if they were to not require it except for the last 2 months of the year, it would cause confusion for the users who are unaware of this rule, especially around the time when the Devs are usually trying to push an update before they take a break.


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