YBSU Procedures (Sunshine Coast)

Sunshine Coast Airport. Located by the sunny beaches of North Eastern Australia, YBSU can be quite a tricky airport to navigate around. Which is why I’m here to help ;)

First off, the largest YBSU can handle is a Boeing 737/Airbus 321.
That means no heavies.
A sight I often see is this;
Here you can see an A320 taxiing down a GA taxiway. This is not the way to do it.

So how do you do Taxi?
Well, to start off, you do not pushback. At this airport, the aircraft taxi out of the gate via the dotted line like so:
The red shows where you cannot Taxi. The blue and orange show where you should Taxi to the runway.
Hold short by the hold short line and when ready, back Taxi towards the active runway.
Takeoff once turned around at the circle.
The same goes for when you are landing - just exit where you Taxi onto the runway. And that’s it!

Anywhere that has not been shown, is strictly for GA aircraft only!
I hope this helps you when you travel to and from Sunshine Coast.
Thanks, Josh ;)


@Josh very nice job! Explained well.

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Nice work josh! I’m guilty myself of taxiing in the GA Areas sometimes so I think this was much needed.


It’s my Home airport, very happy to have it here in IF. It’s quite unused so I’m glad @Josh did some ATC for it this afternoon (for us Aussies)!

Thanks man ;)


Just wanted to notify those who fly here, YBSU’s GA Runway (12/30) was closed in 2018 to make room for the new runway (13/31) which will be able to hold A330 and 787 aircraft. The runway will be operational in late 2019 merging into 2020.


I think this topic needs to be bumped so people can get a reminder of the procedures as this airport is featured today…


Nice explanation

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Well done tutorial!

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