YBPN Airplane Restriction

Was looking at YBPN and noticed that it said Current Airplane Restriction but provided no other details. I didnt see any NOTAM circles and was wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly the restriction was for

It is a regional airport and by the screenshot your plane is bigger than a prop. So your plane is simply to big to go into the airport.

Thank you. It makes sense i’m in a A340-600

YBPN can only hold an aircraft up to a Boeing 737 or an A320. Unless you’re smaller than that or are that aircraft, it will come up with that message.

No problem. I have never seen that before that restriction before.

Yeah its the first time I have seen it before to. Also checked my local airport and see that it says it too since it only accepts GAs

These are mostly found only on airports which are grandfathered in from the old regional model. When Global was released, the restriction didn’t get attached across the board, I presume due to the volume of airports, but I’m not a builder, so I don’t know for sure.

That said, just because it doesn’t say it doesn’t mean people should be taking off 5 miles away from that focus Bravo in a 747 on a 3200-foot runway (not what you were doing, I know, but it happens).

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