YBBN Begins Testing New Runway

Hi guys!
Looks like Brisbane has begun testing their new runway slated to open mid this year!
Take a look.

Hopefuly everything runs smoothly for them and let me know if you have a flight in or out of brisbane later this year!

On a side note, can’t wait for their new spotting area and the new aircraft overpass pictured below

Brisbane is becoming a new world airport and with a new terminal in the works for a few years from now it is quickly becoming the gateway to QLD and starting now, Australia as well!


Wow! So exciting, hopefully they have some good plane spotting locations for us local spotters. :)

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they are building a new carpark and area at the existing spot so hopefuly they fix the fence or raise the hill!

I was never in favour of Brisbane airport myself but it’s good to see that they’re improving with airport management

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