Yazin's atc tracking thread @ GMMN [CLOSED]

Taking my practical on Tuesday, hoping for some more practise and feedback. Patternwork will always be allowed!


Open now at GMMN.

You have controlled very well, but you ask people to enter a pattern. I would never do that, because they want to make their own patterns. You also asked me to contact ground on the taxiway, but you have told me that i’m cleared for the option

Thanks! I only issue pattern etries when you request runway change and i told you to contact ground because you said that you were on full stop.

Yes, that was right.

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Thanks for coming!

NP! I always like to fly with ATC!

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And good luck for your test!

Thanks alot!

At First. Sorry for my poor flying with the tbm… couldnt control it with the crosswind ^^

Pattern, sequencing (the others ^^) and clearance were on point. U know when to use pattern entries. Transition was accurate.

I tested it with tbm and the b738 and go beyond the holding short line ^^ you didnt instruct me to exit the runway ^^

The other pilot asked for frequency change after u told him to taxi to rw 35R. U could tell him that you already instructed him to change freq.

So… just the “small things”. It was very convenient to fly with you :D thanks.

Thanks for coming! I actually didn’t even notice you crossing the line, sorry. And on training server i usually just instruct everyone to chnge even though they are already instucted to do so, because it’s training server, but i need to remember this at the test, thanks!