Yazin's ATC tracking thread @ EDDL [Closed]

Hello! I’m practicing for IFATC written and practical test. All feedback is very welcome!
Pattern work always allowed.

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HOG10, coming in.
Feedback will be posted in an Edit on this comment.

Feedback: Some responses were fairly slow, even when I was on Final, the other aircraft should have been sequenced behind me, but you did good for the 2 that came in

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Opening now at GMMN

Open now at GMMN

I’ll come down in about 15 minutes
Callsign: AAV2549

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Now closed, thanks to everyone who came!

Open now at OOMS

That was fine. Don’t forget to issue a frequency change approved after I depart airspace. G-MAN

Okay! Thanks for the feedback!

Opening now at KHSV

Good job 👍
Thanks for the patterns.

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Thanks alot!

KHSV closed!

Open at KNKX.

KNKX closed.

Open right now at EDDL.

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I’ll stop by!

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EDDL closed.

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Thank you very much! Though, I have some feedback. I’m going to do this chronologically.

  1. Once I requested pushback I was given clearance almost immediately, that was very good. Same thing with taxiing.
  2. Take off clearance was perfect as well. You told me to make left traffic for runway 23L
  3. After doing a pattern I requested a change to runway 23R while I was on upwind, I was told to enter right downwind runway 23R.
  4. Once I was on downwind I was cleared and was told to make right traffic.
  5. When I was on final I requested for runway 23L, I was cleared but not told to make left traffic. That was the first mistake.
  6. The transition went well.
  7. When I was on base for runway 23L you cleared CELTIC 88 for takeoff, you then told him to cancel take off. He would have made it easily.
  8. Once I touched down you told him to line up and wait, twice. If that second time wasn’t on purpose I would have said - Correction, disregard last message
  9. He was then waiting for takeoff for at least a minute, and until I was at the same position as I was on the last traffic pattern before you cleared him.
  10. The exit runway clearance was given when I was at 100 kts, it should be given at 60 kts
  11. You cleared KLM 737 for landing, then later told him to turn base, that was not necessary.
    Overall it was good, but there was room for improvement.

Thanks for the feedback! I repeated my message for CELTIC 88 becuse he didnt respond for a minute to the first one, and you were already turning base i think. I will keep practicing on the other stuff i did wrong.

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