YAY! Grade 3! What was your last flight before the next grade?

So I was doing lots of flying the past few days to get on the Advanced Server because I feel that I am professional and ready for it. I have read other topics about unprofessional and annoying behavior on the Advanced Server, and I am determined to try my best to make sure that nobody feels this way about me.

I just earned Grade 3 a few seconds ago. Tonight I hopped in an Aeromexico 787 at KLAX, and then flew to KNUC → KSAN → KNUC. After my landing at KNUC, I had 39,949 XP!!! So frustrating! I really thought I was gonna get it. So then I just hopped in one of my favorites (American 777-200ER) at KSAN. I figured I would to a pattern and then land so I could get enough XP. As soon as I was airborne, I realized I had 40,118 XP, and that was enough for me! I exited the session right then and there. Yay Advanced!

I also remember back when we had standing and you needed at least 5,000 XP and 100% standing, so I remember doing something similar in the same aircraft with the same callsign (American 78 Heavy) and just blasting out of KSFO on casual.

So my question for you guys is: What was your last flight before you got on Advanced (or before you reached your next grade)?



My last flight was either KLAX - KSAN, KSAN - KNUC, or KNUC - KLAX.

I have a strong feeling everyone who had to bear TS1 had the same experience.


Ur right lol, I’m so happy to finally be Grade 3, let alone be on Advanced at all!

My last flight was patterns at KDEN in the mighty 208.


Cool, the 208 is a very nice aircraft, I enjoy it ;)

I forgot where exactly I where flew from. I think it was somewhere in Amsterdam for my last flight before 40,000xp.


Mine was 30 minutes of Cessna 208 doing touch and goes and KOAK


Correction, Expert Server ;)

I forgot how I got access to the Expert Server (Advanced Server) back in 2015. I remembered that I did a lot of touch and go’s at KOAK in a Cessna 208 and that’s how I got Grade 4. How I got Grade 5 is a long story. To make it short, I did everything I could with the help of @Captain_Berto. He inspired me to work my way towards Grade 5 shortly after I got Grade 4 last year. That’s how I became more active in IF and in the Community. Without him I would never be who I really am today.

Thanks my friend :)


When I got 38000 I just did touch and goes at KSFO in a 172

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To gain 150,000 xp for Grade 5, my last flight to get it was in SoCal at Long Beach. I was just doing touch and goes.


I reached Grade 4 after I did several flights on a day with these people 😊

I forgot how to gain Grade 3. As at that time the system was using “Standings” system


It was so long ago, I don’t even remember. Congrats anyway !

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I was doing last Friday Night Flight in a C208

Touch and Go in EDDL

Well done! There’s a lot of XP to be done to get to a Grade 3.
Surely you studied the tutorials on the Formum and YouTube!?

See you on Expert.


I don’t remember much. All I remember is that my first flight after I got Grade 3 was KRSW-KMIA Delta ERJ-170. I remember that because on final I got ghosted for asking to switch runways to every runway cause I kept getting it wrong. I then took some time to learn procedures before going back. Now, I’m a Grade 4 IFAE member. Just take it seriously because you can get ghosted before you know it!

My last flight was pattern work in a cessna 172 at a KRSW. If you mean a proper flight, then I can’t remember :/

When Grade 3 was 10K xp I just bush-flyied in Oshkosh on Casual.
When Grade 3 was 40K I was flying patterns in KPSP on Casual with some friends

I was from the age of standings xD i dont even remember how much standing was needed for advance server.

But i knew that the moment i had access, I probably spent 2-4 months still on training server because i was so scared and i wanted to make sure i was like you, 100% sure.

By the time i went into the expert server, advance became expert and my standing was already a grade 3. So i really cant remember my flight at all.

I understand you were from the advance server If as well but just for reference if newer members want to see what this standing thing was. Basically a percentage of your proficiency.

Touch & goes, lots and lots of touch & goes…