Yaw with PC keyboard in IF help

Hey, Does anyone of you know how to use Yaw, cant seem to find it, only pitch. roll, and throttle

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hold on just trying it :)

no you cannot assign yaw from the keyboard but if u get a joystick with twist grip you can :)

Dont have any Joystick right now 😔 i consider one though hehe.

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if you are looking at joystick I recommend the logitech 3d pro

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@Airkuazz can u please tick the solved button by my third post so this topic does not stay open. Thank you

I would recommend the thrust master. It’s cheap, and it has a throttle. You can also reassign buttons on it so you can deploy/retract the gear, flaps, spoilers, change camera view, pushback, brake, and much more!

Same with Logitech 3d pro !!!

Is that the one with a throttle, but is really expensive? Or the one that’s cheap, and has no throttle, or one that I’ve never heard of?

It has a throttle and 12 programble buttons with a hat switch

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