Yaw to the left on ground above 50kt

Dear Infinite Flight representatives,

I have started to experience such a bug:

On take off roll or after landing if speed is higher than aprox. 50kt my planes go left and I can’t compensate for this. As result I run into grass and get violations about 35kt exceedance. What can I do?

Thank You

What’s the crosswind component?

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Did you have AutoPilot on?

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Is the weight evenly balanced? Are you landing too fast?

Is there crosswind?

Do you have “couple ailerons and rudder (ground only)” enabled?

Guys, it is not a problem in headwind, W&B, AP ON etc. I am doing everything correctly, just unexpected yaw to the left for no reason. Maybe I should reinstall the game because there was not such an issue from the beginning.

Make sure you take off and land on green or orange runways.

What do you mean?

If you have a crosswind autopilot or the yoke won’t help you

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Check on settings if y9u have enabled “couple ailerons and rudder (ground only)”. If yes, uncheck it.


Thank You. Maybe could be helpful.


@Kucher wcrosswind in this game seems to have a much stronger effect. I trust with you being a RL pilot you know about using a touch of rudder or de-crabbing?

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Rudder doesn’t help in this situation

I was thinking about that to Sturm. @Kucher try what Sturmovik just said. That should work.


Actually now I can see that this is crosswind issue. But it works little bit unrealistic. I can hardly compensate 15kt crosswind component on take off roll on C208 with full rudder deflection. And also this crosswind effect starts suddenly, from certain speed, not progressively like in real life.



So you can see, there are green, orange and red runway numbes. Always take off and land on green. Never use red.

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That’s what you’re talking about :) I know, that’s because of the wind.

Red runways does not mean “don’t fly there”. Runways get their red colour when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or greater, a 5 knot tailwind is not any worry.

Anyways, always listen to ATC in all situations.

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True, as I said: