Yaw not syncing correctly with Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

Hey guys, I am trying to sync my joystick up with IF. Every other setting has synced correctly however when my rudder is at 0% on my joystick it shows it as 43% on my device. Any tips? Cheers

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Welcome to the forum!
I don’t use a Joystick so I have no clue but I’m sure someone will gave the answer, enjoy your stay here :)

I haven’t had this issue and I’m using the same joystick. Could you post a screenshot of your controls page?

Thank you sir :)

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Have you tried re-setting the yaw axis?

yes I have about 10 times

Try turning down the sensitivity.

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that made it go to 14 percent when not touching it

Try turning up the dead/null zone.

I have had the same issue. Only ever with the yaw axis, Wonder if its a issue with the stick its self? Laura has mentioned something in the past about hers not being right.

One way is to increase the sensitivity (on the right) of the yaw axis but it reaches a point where you obviously end up with “no rudder control” - But it at least means you can taxi and so forth. (Henrik replied as I was typing)

Its been a while since I used mine but if I remember correctly, if you apply the rudder, hold it, then go restore defaults it sometimes fixes the issue. Dont 100% quote me on that however.
Worth a shot though.

Looks like your connected via liveflight? I use an OTG cable, to me kinda seems like its a issue with the 3d pr.

Thank you sir! I had to put the Null Zone Sensitivity perfectly in the middle :)


All fixed now, thanks for your input :)


Ok now it’s only letting me yaw to the right not the left :( @D_Gee @Henrik

Try disconnect then reconnect the stick. For me its pretty 50/50 when this issue does occur. Might be able to re calibrate its self once it reconnects

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that was the trick! Thanks so much


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