Yaw Damper

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Im bring you a request for a button that you can activate the yaw damper here is an explanation what it would do.

“A yaw damper (sometimes referred to as a stability augmentation system) is a system used to reduce (or damp) the undesirable tendencies of an aircraft to oscillate in a repetitive rolling and yawing motion, a phenomenon known as the Dutch roll.”

“The yaw damper system consists of a series of accelerometers and sensors that monitor the aircraft rate of yaw; these are electronically interconnected to a flight computer that processes these inputs and automatically controls actuators connected to the rudder.[2] In effect, these actions are akin to movements of the rudder pedals by the pilot, except that these are automated. The rudder motions produced by the yaw damper act to calm the aircraft, assisting the flight crew in maintain stable flight.[2] The overarching purpose of the yaw damper is to make an aircraft easier to fly by eliminating the necessity for the pilot to actively act against such tendencies.[1] An effective yaw damper may remove the necessity for a pilot to make any contact with the rudder pedals during turns on a range of aircraft, including jet-powered ones.[2][3] Some aircraft, such as the Boeing 727 and Vickers VC10 airliners, are fitted with multiple yaw damper systems due to their operation having been deemed critical to flight safety.[1][4]

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I think they already have one in the 772

just so i can understand what this actually is: would this smooth the plane if you accidentally release the rudder from full left when combatting a crosswind during takeoff? lol


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This would do that exactly.

@Aviation2929 no planes in IF currently have this included.

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Fair point. Voted


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He opened a headline about it in me.
I hope the authorities will consider it.
With the last update 20.3, this was a must.

Thank you for your understanding. 👍

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